What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting any company’s products.It is also called a performance based marketing. The affiliates find a product from the company and attach their link at his own website or share the link to the customer who wants to buy the product. Affiliates earn a profit or Commission given by the company.It completely depends on the commission of the product.But the company gives the different commission for the every  product.

Affiliate marketing

There are 2 sides of an Affiliate Equation

  • The Product Creator and Seller
  • The Affiliate Marketer

Generally Affiliate Marketing has 3 core players but some sites talks about 4 players

  1. The Merchant-  Sometimes also called the creator, the seller, the retailer,  the brand, or the vendor. Here Affiliates can create a product that they want to promote.It can be a single individual person or company.It can be a big company or organization like Amazon, Flipkart, Netmeds, etc.
  1. The Publisher- Sometimes also known as Affiliate.Affiliates can also extent from single individuals to overall company or organisation.Affiliate marketer advertises one or more than one product.this can be efficient by running a survey or review blog of the affiliate marketing creator’s items.Affiliates must have a website, which is assign to discovering best products around a specific theme and then to advertising those affiliate products for target audience.If you have a food blogging website then you should advertise cooking items
  1. The Consumers- Also called a customer.The consumer is eventually the one who laid down whether the relationship between the advertiser and the affiliate works. The consumer sees the many ads as a banner on the affiliate’s site and clicks any ad if they want to see them on the publisher’s website. If they like that product then the company will give you commission.

Some important definition of Affiliate Marketing:-

  • Affiliates:- The person who join an affiliate program becomes a member and the products of that program are promoted on their website or any social media platform.
  • Affiliate Program:-Some online websites run a program. Through this program, they give a link to promote any product of the website that offers commission for the sale.
  • Affiliate ID:-It is a unique ID that is given to every affiliate member. This is obtained by signing up for an affiliate program. It is used to manage sales.